Thermal Modelling Training

Stroma Certification’s Thermal Modelling Training is essential for Energy Assessors when calculating Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Simplified Building Energy Models (SBEM) reports.

The four-day course will enable thermal performance modellers to create calculations to recognize standards and conventions for thermal modeling. It also teaches competence in calculating thermal transmittance values (ᵠ values), temperature factors (ƒ) and elemental U-values.

Theoretical & Practical Skills

Understand key standards and conventions of Thermal Modelling

HEAT Modelling Software

Complete an introduction to HEAT Modelling software

3D Modelling

Enhance your understanding of 3D modelling.

What is HEAT Software?

Heat is a PC-program for two and three-dimensional transient and steady-state heat transfer. Both HEAT 2D and HEAT 3D are validated to conform to the requirements of BS EN ISO 10211, allowing onward calculation of psi values (ᵠ) for linear thermal bridging.

2D and 3D graphical outputs of geometrical models are produced including:
• Material properties
• Numerical mesh
• Boundary conditions
• Temperature field
• Heat flow arrays and isotherms

HEAT software is available to purchase from Stroma Certification following course completion.

Integration with FSAP 2012 software

Thermal bridge software links U, ƒ and ᵠ calculations into Stroma Certification’s DCLG approved FSAP 2012 software which saves time in cross-referencing the data.

FSAP 2012 is available to members of our Domestic on Construction Energy Assessment (DOCEA) certification scheme.

Training Costs

Thermal Modelling Training (4 days)


All quoted prices exclude VAT. All Energy Assessor courses are subject to a minimum age entry requirement. All learners must be 18 on the day that they qualify. Learners should also be confident using a personal computer to perform tasks using energy assessment software products and Microsoft Office applications.

Forthcoming Training Dates
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