Retrofit Assessor Certification
(PAS 2035)

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Stroma Certification's Retrofit Assessor Certification scheme is approved by TrustMark within the PAS 2035 Framework, the specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings.

PAS 2035 Framework

Carry out and lodge Retrofit Assessment Reports in line with PAS 2035

Crucial Retrofit Role

Support Retrofit Coordinators following a PAS 2035 risk assessment

Gather Building Information

Identify building services, appraise dwelling heritage and identify planning constraints

Stroma Certification’s Retrofit Assessor Scheme

Stroma Certification’s Retrofit Assessor Scheme is a TrustMark approved scheme that provides certification for Assessors carrying out domestic retrofit work in-line with the PAS 2035 standard framework. It is the responsibility of the Assessor to collect data on aspects of the property relating to all retrofit work including the functionality and durability of buildings, energy efficiency and the environmental impact of buildings.

Why join our Retrofit Assessor Certification scheme?

After you have become fully certified you will be at the forefront of one of the most exciting changes the energy industry has seen in years; the new PAS 2035 standard. Demand for fully certified Retrofit Assessors is expected to be high, so your skills and certified status will be sought after. This will come at a time when the entire built environment adjusts to accommodate the PAS 2035 framework.

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“PAS 2035 has the potential to transform the UK Energy Industry.”

Andrew Parkin, Director of Energy Certification

Our Membership Fees

£95 Application Fee (For those who trained with Stroma Certification or Elmhurst Energy) and Year 1 membership– limited time offer until 31/03/23

£250 Application Fee (For those who did not train with Stroma Certification) and Year 1 membership

£200 Membership Fee (Year 2 and beyond)

£5 Retrofit Assessment Report Lodgement Fee

£3.67 Energy Performance Report (standalone)

£3 Retrofit Condition Report (standalone)

All quoted prices exclude VAT

For more course dates, please view our Course Calendar

RSAP+ Software

RSAP+ is our mobile form data collection tool and is used to produce the Retrofit Condition Report (RCR) when required by PAS 2035. The RCR is submitted to you once complete for upload within the Assessment lodgement in RSAP+

Retrofit Assessment Reports are a two stage process;
1.RSAP+ is used to complete the RdSAP and OA data collection and for lodging the final report to the TrustMark Data Warehouse.
2. The RSAP+ mobile tool produces the Retrofit Condition Report

N.B. the RCR can be completed independently from the rest of the Retrofit Assessment if desired (fees apply).

Please watch our user guide videos for how to perform an RCR in RSAP+ and how to lodge a completed Retrofit Assessment on the TrustMark Data Warehouse.

The main role of the Retrofit Assessor will be to visit the property and prepare a report in-line with a Retrofit Coordinator's requirements. The Retrofit Coordinator will issue an instruction to the Assessor based on their initial risk assessment under one of the assessment paths A, B or C. These assessment paths determine the level and types of information the Assessor will be required to gather and include in their report. In most cases, a standard data set will be gathered and uploaded to the data warehouse, thereby completing the bulk of the retrofit assessment.
Stroma Certification’s Retrofit Assessor Training will upskill already qualified DEA/GDAs to undertake domestic retrofit assessments in accordance with PAS 2035. Every building that is subject to energy retrofit work first needs to be assessed by a trained and certified professional. Find out more about our Retrofit Assessor Training which includes a two-day course and an exam.
Stroma Certification will be undertaking auditing in line with the Trustmark Framework, to help assist members to improve their processes and documentation and will also be providing necessary CPD and workshops to further improve our members’ knowledge and skills.
Whether you’re a Retrofit Coordinator or Assessor, Thomas Carroll offers Professional Indemnity Insurance for your role in PAS 2035. For advice or a quote for a tailored annual insurance policy, please get in contact with Stephanie Williams at Thomas Carroll Brokers at Public Liability Insurance cover is also available – discuss your insurance requirements today.

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