On Construction Domestic Energy Assessment Certification (OCDEA)

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Our OCDEA certification scheme is now being managed by Elmhurst Energy. Please click the button for more information about Elmhurst’s OCDEA accreditation scheme.

Stroma Certification’s DLUHC authorised OCDEA Certification Scheme allows energy assessors to produce SAP calculations and EPCs to measure the energy performance of new dwellings.

Government Approved

Our OCDEA Scheme is approved by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

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Stroma Certification’s OCDEA Scheme

Stroma Certification’s OCDEA Certification scheme is approved by the DLUHC (Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities). It provides certification for energy assessors to perform assessments in line with the requirements of the Standard Assessment Procedure for the energy rating of dwellings.

This is the Government’s methodology for calculating the energy performance of dwellings within the UK in compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR). All new homes are required to have an EPC and SAP assessment produced upon sale or let.

Why join our OCDEA Certification scheme?

Stroma Certification is the foremost certification body for energy assessors in the UK. Our OCDEA Certification scheme is free to join and our expert SAP team delivers support and assistance to ensure our members reach the highest standards in new build assessment. We have been providing certification schemes to energy assessors for more than a decade and are committed to competitive lodgement fees for SAP assessments.

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“We work to support over 50% of the SAP Assessor market in the UK. We maintain a strong influence and involvement in shaping new build energy assessment methodology for Part L and SAP.”

Ian Ferguson, OCDEA Scheme Manager

Our Membership Fees

£0 Annual Certification

£6.92 Lodgement Fee

£130 Service Charge per year (if lodging less than 50 EPCs per annum)

£1.50 EPC Register Fee (E&W and NI registers)

£2.60 EST Register Fee (Scotland ONLY)

All quoted prices exclude VAT. Your total lodgement fee will be the fee per lodgement, plus the EPC Register/EST fee.

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FSAP Software

FSAP Software is the industry's most advanced SAP software tool to help energy assessors complete SAP assessments for new build properties. Developed in-house, our industry approved software supports assessors to comply with the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). FSAP’s user friendly dashboard saves time with batch lodgement, quick save and site analysis features. Make adjustments to your data and see the effects in real-time, plus update to new FSAP versions automatically.

• Clone template assessments with an import/export feature
• U-Value calculator with up-to-date materials list
• Change elements across all plots in a click of a button
• Real-time display to see impacts on the DER/TER and DFEE/TFEE
• Opening location check to flag any errors
• Produce PDF reports including Building Regulations Checklists
• Send confirmation letters to Developers and Clients for auditing purposes
• Integrate the Product Characteristic Database (PCDB) file
• Compatible with the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes
• Bulk address import to Landmark
Stroma Certification takes a proactive approach to the audit and assessment of our OCDEA Certification scheme members. A proportion of your SAP assessments will be audited on an annual basis to ensure you are adhering to compliance standards and scheme operating rules. A further requirement is the completion of at least 10 CPD hours per annum. Stroma Certification provides regular technical updates and free CPD seminars to assist members towards achieving this requirement.
MHCLG provide guidance to building owners and occupiers on the privacy and public access to the Energy Performance Data collected which is documented in the ‘Making Better use of Energy Performance of Buildings Data – Privacy Policy’.
Stroma Certification's EPBD Assessor Certification scheme documents are made available to the public, applicants and certified Assessor through a downloadable members pack that contains documents including the following:
EA Agreement-License-Terms and Conditions - To be completed for those Assessors requiring certification or alternatively the online application can be completed.
EA Scheme Members Handbook- Documents the certification scheme processes for granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, restoring or withdrawing certification or expanding or reducing the scope of certification.
Impartiality Policy- Documents Stroma Certification's commitment to ensuring impartiality in all aspects of our certification and business activities. Further information is also available on the Consumer Advice page.
Complaints & Appeals Policy - Documents how a complaint or appeal can be notified to Stroma Certification and how it will be dealt with. Further information is also available on the Consumer Advice page
Support Policy- Documents the means by which Stroma Certification can be contacted concerning EPBD Assessor certification or other business related activities.
ID Photograph Requirements-Documents the format and structure needed for photos to be used to produce the applicable certification ID card.
Fraud Identification Policy- Documents the checks carried out by Stroma Certification in identifying fraudulent activity, and how instances of fraud will be dealt with.
Privacy Policy- Documents Stroma’s commitment and procedures for ensuring that the personal data collected and used in our certification and business activities is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Further information is also available on the Data Protection page.

If you are unclear on any aspect of the certification process please contact Stroma Certification by emailing info@stromacert.com or telephone 0345 621 1111.

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