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Stroma Certification offers Legionella Certification to energy assessors and other property professionals working in the private rental sector.

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Stroma Certification’s Legionella Scheme

Achieving Legionella certification allows an individual to provide compliant legionella risk assessment services which means that the risk of legionella contamination can be determined in a domestic rental property.

As one of the UK's foremost certification bodies for energy assessors, Stroma Certification is committed to offering services which allow our members to diversify their traditional services for customers and have the opportunity to generate additional revenue.

Persons or companies responsible for renting domestic property (e.g. property agents or landlords) must control the risk of legionella contamination which can cause legionnaires disease. Legionella bacteria can be found in water tanks and systems – these require a legionella risk assessment to be conducted in order to comply with Health & Safety law.

Why join our Legionella Certification Scheme?

There is no annual fee to maintain membership of our Legionella Certification scheme. We also provide mobile legionella software to allow our members to collect the data required to complete a legionella risk assessment whilst working in the field.

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“Our popular Legionella scheme delivers flexible and sought-after benefits for members that include no Annual Certification fees, mobile software, expert technical support and the option of registration with TrustMark.”

Andrew Parkin, Director of Energy Certification

Our Membership Fees

£0 Annual Certification

£5 per property Mobile Legionella Software

£0.41 per property Pay per click insurance

All prices exclude VAT.

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NEW Mobile App for Legionella Risk Assessment Reports (LRA)

Stroma Certification has developed and released a version of our Legionella Risk Assessment form into our Formation mobile App. Formation is available for free from the iOS and Android App stores. With Formation there is no need to complete your LRA report on your desktop computer, Formation is complete mobile solution and the report is generated and emailed to you on site.

• It’s fast, flexible and intuitive
• It allows LRA data to be created and entered online and offline
• Allows users to track most recent work and filter assessments
• Captures as many photos as you need, along with onsite signatures as well as helping you deliver on site advice to customers
• Allows you to submit completed assessments on site (requires wifi connection). You received an emailed copy of your report in minutes
• You can resubmit the report if required at no extra cost
• It is FREE to download (you pay £5.00 plus VAT per report)
We regularly audit our members to check that the required standards and Legionella legislation are being followed. Stroma Certification conducts audits of 1 in 50 Legionella risk assessments and an annual site assessment for all scheme members. Site assessments can be scheduled at an independent Stroma premises for £100 (site assessments can be conducted at members' own premises for an additional cost).

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