Code for Sustainable Homes Certification (CSH)

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Our Code for Sustainable Homes license has been active since 2008, supporting the industry since the scheme’s inception for over a decade.

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Our CSH Scheme is approved by public sector governance

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Stroma Certification’s CSH Scheme

Stroma Certification's DLUHC authorised Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Certification scheme promotes sustainability and energy efficiency in new build dwellings. The Code was launched in 2007 and was a Government developed standard. Stroma has long been the market leader in providing certification under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Why join our CSH Certification scheme?

Code for Sustainable Homes drives improvement in building practice by providing a comprehensive measure of housing sustainability. By joining Stroma Certification you can support the aim of the Code to limit the environmental impact of new build dwellings, by ensuring real improvements in key areas such as carbon dioxide emissions, waste, water usage and environmental impact. The role of a CSH assessor is to accurately evaluate new build dwellings against a range of criteria in order to generate a Code rating and report.

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“I have developed and managed our Code for Sustainable Homes Certification scheme since we were first awarded our license in 2008. Our qualified team is vastly experienced and ready to support your lodgement work.”

Dr Steven Marriott, Code for Sustainable Homes Scheme Manager

Our Membership Fees

£345 Annual Certification

£35 CSH Lodgement Fee

All quoted prices exclude VAT. £35 lodgement fee per dwelling for sites with over 300 units. Minimum site fee is £145 per site.

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CORE Software

CORE Software is developed specifically for Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) assessors to simplify assessments, calculations and submit reports. Through its user-friendly and intuitive interface, CORE makes assessment and report generation straightforward, assisting with the delivery of Code for Sustainable Homes assessments. Through innovative functions, the software gives users to ability to streamline the process between pre-assessment, design and post-construction stages for final Code for Sustainable Homes certification.

• Available for use on Desktop
• Template dwellings for assisted assessment activity
• Import capability for assessment data between the pre-assessment, design and post-construction phases
• Integrated calculation tools such as energy, water, materials and daylighting
• Personalise your account with logos, contact databases and credit summary tables

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