Stroma Certification's 20th Anniversary

It's our anniversary! 🎉🎉

This year, Stroma Certification is celebrating 20 years. Over the last two decades, the company has grown significantly, and we're proud of where we are today.

The 20 People of Stroma Certification

To mark this milestone, Stroma Certification is recognising the people, partners, members and supporters who have helped make the company what it is today. Take a look at what they had to say:

Stroma Certification

Andrew Parkin, Managing Director

"When I joined Stroma Certification in 2014 as Technical Manager, I was looking forward to getting myself involved in the nitty-gritty of the industry; little did I know that also meant learning how software was developed, how to write technical documents, contributing to national and international standard and attending meetings with senior civil servants (to name but a few activities). To say that I’ve grown up with the business is an understatement and I now find myself leading the company as the MD. I’ve enjoyed my time with Stroma Certification for the last (nearly) 10 years."

Sam Cantle, Technical Manager

"I was first exposed to the world of energy assessment during my years at university and ended up doing some data entry work (where I could fit it around studying) for Stroma to help make ends meet. After graduating, I relocated up north and took a full-time role at Stroma HQ in the Non-Domestic team as a Technical Advisor. I was fortunate to progress into the role of Non-Domestic Scheme Manager after almost a year with the business, and a few years later took the role as the Technical Manager. I’m particularly proud of the team we’ve built over my time at Stroma."

Steve Marriott, Retrofit Scheme Manager

"I’ve had the pleasure of being with Stroma Certification since its founding from Stroma Technology and have helped to develop a number of its schemes and services with many wonderful colleagues over the years. I look forward to what different challenges lie ahead."

Grant Susse, DEA Scheme Manager

"I joined the company in 2011 straight out of college and have enjoyed the rollercoaster ride since. Stroma is certainly a unique business with a unique group of people working here. The people are what make Stroma an enjoyable place to work."

John Robinson, NDEA Scheme Manager

"I initially started as tech support in the DEA team as an apprentice. I then went on to complete further qualifications and carry out Audits for this team. After about 18 months, I joined the NDEA team again and went on to complete all relevant NDEA qualifications and eventually become scheme manager - which I have been for about 4.5 years now."

Ian Ferguson, OCDEA Scheme Manager

"Having been with Stroma Certification since 2010, there has been a broad range of professional experiences from introducing FSAP 2009 and 2012 software offerings along with code software and changes to Building Regulations. Similarly, being in front of audiences again this year has been interesting. Having been involved with SAP for a long time, it is considered almost like home, but there was much gained during the time with business assessments of quality management systems and competence of on-site operators."

Gemma Law, Administration Team Leader

“The development opportunities have been great for both my personal and professional growth and the friends I have made along the way have made my 5 years enjoyable”

Phil Gregory, Training and Membership Advisor

“I first started with Stroma in 2017. I have seen many changes in that time, and I am very much part of the Stroma family. That is what we are, a family. One thing I believe we all agree with is that we all love working alongside one another. The people are what make us great.

I feel I have progressed in my time here, which is down to the faith put in me by my colleagues. During lockdown, I rose to a challenge, as Training became exceptionally busy during that time and I had to step up. I gained a huge amount of self-confidence during that time, and we achieved a lot during that time. From there we are building a very strong department and one I have a great deal of pride in. I genuinely enjoy every day here and work alongside some fantastic people.

I feel we supply a good product with our Training courses, and to be part of that is great."

Neil Robinson, Lead Internal Verifier

"It’s been great to have seen Stroma Certification grow over the years."

Khawar Awan, Associate IT Development Director

“It’s been fantastic to see Stroma grow to what it is today and to have played a part in that success, from setting up database and software infrastructures to developing the bespoke applications that our internal teams and assessors use every day. I’ve had the privilege of working with some great people along the way.”

Partners, Members and Supporters

Nathaniel Butters, ECO Surv

"ECO Surv is a proud Partner of Stroma and has been for nearly 10 years, with myself starting my energy assessor training journey with Stroma back in 2007!"

Owen Turgoose, Fourwalls

"We really value the relationship that we have with the Team at Stroma. Support and guidance are always there when we need it, and they have been instrumental in the creation of our own in-house team of 40 employed energy assessors."

David Cocking, DesignBuilder

"DesignBuilder and Stroma have a great history of collaboration. I’ve personally been involved in several of our joint events, including running SBEM and DSM training from Stroma’s HQ. Thanks to the ever-helpful Stroma team and congratulations on your 20th anniversary!"

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

“IES is delighted to continue to work with Stroma Certification as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. The need for accurate operational energy modelling has never been clearer, and we are committed to working with Stroma to help tackle these issues.”

Ashley Warburton, ACE Wizard

"It is always a pleasure partnering with Stroma and the Non-Domestic Energy Team, who share our objective to provide a comprehensive and detailed Air Conditioning energy report. The partnership has led to new business for both firms."

James Davis, PlanUp

“PlanUp have been working with Stroma for nearly two years and steadily built up a good relationship with each other.”

Andy Flook, Sava

"I have worked with the Stroma team for well over 10 years. I’ve always been impressed by the way the company has built its sector size and strength whilst also managing to maintain a wonderful culture. Everyone I have ever worked with there has always worked incredibly diligently and professionally but also managed to have great fun along the way.

The Business that is now celebrating its 20th year is down to the bravery, enthusiasm and imagination of Steve, Rob and Matt but also delivered by a totally dedicated team of people that have always been proud of the business they represent.

Congratulations on such a fabulous milestone to the whole team; well deserved!"

Mike Ockenden, PEPA

"Stroma Certification has been part of PEPA since it was first formed over 15 years ago. As PEPA has matured and developed, Stroma has played a full role in representing the interests of the energy information industry in recent times with Andy Parkin as its Chair. We congratulate Stroma Certification on its 20th Anniversary."

Gareth Clarke, Talk Green

“Since working alongside Stroma Certification, our business has developed and grown significantly, and as a result, the support Stroma Certification has provided Talk Green throughout has been exemplary and has aided Talk Green in becoming the Midlands leading EPC provider.”

Alex Hearn, Warmfront Team

“Working with STROMA gives us the confidence that we can continue to deliver the highest quality work to our customer base. The platform and support that Stroma offer is unrivalled in our industry. They have supported us on many projects and gone above and beyond to provide the best training and advice any company could ever wish for.”

What's next?

Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work, support and friendship. Stay tuned for more anniversary celebrations to come...