RSAP+ v.4.0.0 Released

This update marks a major change for the RSAP+ platform, as Stroma’s Retrofit Assessment products are brought into the tool. While existing DEA users will be largely unaffected, there are some changes in the way RSAP+ handles photos.

Full change list

New Survey Type selection:

To incorporate Retrofit Products into the RSAP+ software, users must select the survey type they wish to create when creating or copying an existing survey. Options now include: Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Energy Performance Report (EPR), Condition, Ventilation and Significance Report (RCVSR).

*Report types to be used for Retrofit assessments.

Multiple Photos:

New added ability to add multiple images to one photo slot. Also possible to delete images from photo slots. Ability to add multiple images also extends to Site Notes section, so now possible to upload multiple images of Site Notes to the single placeholder.

Photo Notifications:

Image thumbnails now have new ‘outlining’ to indicate the stage of upload. Green border = fully uploaded. Green flashing border = uploading. Red flashing border = Downloading. This is in addition to the camera icon arrows (released previously):

Wherever a camera icon is shown in the software, once a photo is added (taken via the app or imported), the camera icon will update, in real time, to show;

  • Upward arrow - if the image needs to upload
  • Downward Arrow – if the image needs to download
  • Green Tick – if image has been successfully uploaded or downloaded (synced with Stroma OSA system).

De-activation of Manual Address entry when working offline:

The manual address option will not be available for users working offline. This is to ensure that an incorrect UPRN is not assigned to the survey. In order to return a valid UPRN, the user must first connect online, and then select the manual entry option.

Other bug fixes:

  • Community Hot Water ‘default’ selections updated in accordance with the main fuel type.
  • Changes to conservatory section – now defaults to ‘Please Select’ when page loads.

You can now download this release of RSAP+ from the relevant store for your device.