New Building Energy Efficiency Standards for Northern Ireland

Finance Minister of Northern Ireland, Conor Murphy, has recently announced the publication of updated Building Regulation Technical Guidance to improve the energy efficiency of new buildings.

To be applied from 30th June 2022, the new guidance requires the energy efficiency of new houses to be improved by 40%, new flats by 25% and new buildings other than dwellings by 15%. The new statutory guidance is published in Technical Booklets F1 (Conservation of fuel and power in dwellings) and F2 (Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellings) of the Building Regulations.

The changes in guidance reflect regulations introduced in Northern Ireland in 2014, specifying that all new buildings were to be Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) by 2021. These changes are intended as an interim step toward the goal of net-zero carbon buildings.

The Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA) has been campaigning for these changes since 2019. Earlier this year, RSUA sent an appeal to the Chair of the Committee of Finance asking for no delay in implementing these changes. The RSUA is liaising with Building Control Northern Ireland regarding further information on the changes, including training, implementation, and management

Further information and Technical Booklets can be found on the Government website.

“Stroma will develop the current FSAP software to align with the new Technical Booklet F1 – Conservation of fuel and power in dwellings – June 2022, to provide uninterrupted lodgement capability for assessors when the guidance takes effect on 30th June 2022.” - Ian Ferguson, SAP / OCDEA Scheme Manager