Indemnity Insurance for Stroma Certification Members: Frequently Asked Questions

Stroma Certification ensures all members are covered by the required level of PI and PL insurance. We’ve teamed up with provider Thomas Carroll to provide a handy FAQ guide for Members.

Thomas Carroll offer and provide PI and PL insurance for EPCs via a Pay Per Click (PPC) model for all energy assessment strands (EPC, DEC and ACIR). This is convenient and often makes the most financial sense when compared to buying a dedicated policy to cover the provision of EPCs, DECs and ACIRs. Payment for the insurance is taken at the same time as the certificate lodgement, so you only pay for what you need and use.

The PPC policy covers all the requires set by government and Stroma Certification in the SOR and Scheme Handbook respectively.
Below are number of FAQs relating to the PPC insurance offered by Thomas Carroll.


The Master Policy doesn’t show my name? Is it possible to have a document to note my name if my clients don’t accept it? Yes, absolutely – Thomas Carroll can issue a letter confirming that you are covered under the per click facility. If you contact them with your Stroma number and they will do this for you.

Can I use an annual policy I have to cover my EPC’s? Yes, as long as the business description shows your energy assessing activities are covered in full (i.e. if you are a domestic retrofit assessor, we would need to see this on your document somewhere) and the limits of indemnity are at least those assessors are required to have under our Scheme Operating Requirements. You will need to provide proof of both professional indemnity and public liability cover for the majority of assessment types.

What is professional indemnity cover? Professional indemnity insures against negligent advice you give in your energy assessing role, for example a mistake in an EPC that you issue, which results in your customer suffering a financial loss as a result of your error/negligence.

How long do I have to have professional indemnity cover for? Professional indemnity is an unusual cover – you have to have cover in force at the time a claim is actually made against you, even if you had cover at the time you made the mistake on your EPC. Our per click insurance facility provides you with the run off cover you need in the price you pay per lodgement so it is a really cost effective way of covering your energy assessments. Where you have your own annual policy you will need to have what’s called run-off cover (cover for any claims which may arise after you retire/cease trading) for a period of 10 years to comply with the Scheme Operating Requirements – we will need to see proof of this cover.

My own annual policy shows a retroactive date under the professional indemnity section – what is this? Professional indemnity policies will not cover any claims which are made against energy assessments you have carried out or advice you have given before the retroactive date shown on your policy. This should always be the date you first started doing any energy assessments – if you change insurers, be careful that the retroactive date stays the same as on your first policy after you started trading.

What are the benefits of the per click insurance facility? Per click is a really cost effective option – it provides you with up to 10 years run off cover for any domestic/commercial EPC’s you issue, so if you retire/cease trading, you don’t have to worry about getting insurance for this and covering the cost afterwards.

I am covered under the per click insurance and someone is making a claim against an EPC I have done saying it is wrong – do I need to do anything? You need to report the matter to both us at Stroma and Thomas Carroll who will notify the Insurers of the per click scheme – you may have to provide documents to support the EPC you have produced and provide any additional information which Insurers might request. You will also be responsible for payment of the policy excess.

To review information on the PPC insurance policy, including all fees and terms and conditions, and to add PPC cover to your account, please review the PPC Insurance documentation HERE

One additional benefit from the PPC policy, unlike other scheme offered insurance, the Thomas Carroll policy covers members to a limit of £10M per claim. Other policies are an annual aggregate policy, where multiple claims will be added together within a 12-month period. This does limit the cover of these policies.

Where it is advantageous to have you own PI and PL insurance, for example, where you are providing other related services and products in addition to the EPC (consultancy work etc), then Thomas Carroll can also review your needs and produce a policy to suit. You can contact Thomas Carroll directly on;

T - 01792 795 265

E -

Domestic Per Click Proposal Form

Commercial Per Click Proposal Form