FSAP 10.2 Update

We're excited to announce that BRE and Government have now approved our FSAP 10.2 software engine and User Interface (UI) for compliance calculations for ALL BATCHES (batches 1-4), as well as for the lodgement of EPCs on the E&W EPC register.

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FSAP 10.2 Development

Over the last few months, Stroma Certification - as a scheme and software provider - and the industry have been working incredibly hard to meet the backstop date set by government (31st July), for matching all SAP 10.2 test cases in Batches 1 - 4 and to have the software User Interfaces approved for release by the BRE.

It has been a very difficult period for all concerned, especially the two main software providers, who have become the focal point of the activity, along with the BRE. It has been clear for a long time that it was imperative that we were able to get our software to the required point before the backstop date, to minimise disruption to the wider industry.

In methodology updates in years gone by, the process has been relatively smooth, usually taking 6 months from methodology release (and freeze) to ensure that all software was correct and ready for release. Therefore, a window of 6 months was allowed. Unfortunately for SAP 10.2, and mainly because it has been nearly a decade since the last methodology release, we have not had such a steady period in which to develop software.

We have been working with a living methodology and set of changing test cases, and even up until this week, we have had to make changes due to errors in the methodology. We are not pointing fingers of blame, but the reality is that whilst errors and issues are inevitable, they should be fairly minor or low in number to make the process fairly uneventful and predictable. It is somewhat incredible that these example test cases needed this amount of work to get them to a position of being correct. However, it is also incredible that software providers have still made sufficient progress despite this. We are now able to confirm that Stroma Certification’s FSAP 10.2 platform has now been signed off by the BRE for both the engine and the UI and that it is now approved for compliance calculations and results.

This undertaking has taken less time than was initially thought possible, and the team have worked tirelessly to get us to this point. Stroma Certification has also invested many tens of thousands of pounds extra into the process to ensure that we have met the tight timescales.

What's next:

We can now turn our attention to improving the user experience, fixing minor bugs and incorporating quality of life improvements. Some big features, which you expect and need, will be prioritised, and we will have the time to focus on getting these out to you in the best possible timeframe. We will be sharing our plans and a timeline on these features very soon.

Get in touch:

If you have any questions regarding the new software release, please email sap@stromacert.com, and our team will be happy to help.