An Introduction to PAS 2035 with Stroma Certification

Stroma Certification are currently running training courses and certification scheme services for members who wish to partake in PAS 2035. This standard is now a requirement of ECO 3 and will be needed for all installations that occur after 1st November 2020, or any measures currently being installed to PAS 2030 (2019) standards. PAS 2035 has several key roles;

  • Retrofit Assessor (RFA),
  • Retrofit Coordinator (RFC) and
  • Retrofit Installer (via PAS 2030:2019)

To do Retrofit Assessments, an individual will need to be Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) qualified, with a Retrofit Assessor (RFA) upskill. If an RFA wishes to assess listed buildings, Stroma now run an additional qualification via the Environmental Study Centre to offer the Energy Efficiency for Older & Traditional Buildings qualification.

Where an individual wishes to train as a Retrofit Coordinator (to oversee the whole project), then Stroma Certification are working with The Retrofit Academy to offer a suitable course. All courses can be done online. Routes and fees to qualification are detailed below.

Stroma Certification offer TrustMark Approved membership Schemes for both RFA and RFC, and both routes to membership are detailed below.


Retrofit Assessment

Stroma Certification offer the following courses

DEA Online 3 days - £750

RFA Online* 2 days - £250

Energy Efficiency for Older & Traditional Buildings Online** 2 days - £445

The DEA qualification has an awarding body fee of £230 Energy Efficiency for Older & Traditional Buildings online has an awarding body fee of £61

*RFA assumes pre-qualification as a DEA. ** Assumes pre-qualification as DEA and RFA – but can be done in isolation.

Retrofit Coordination

For any individual wishing to train as a Coordinator, they will need to approach the Retrofit Academy directly The academy offers online courses than can be done in the learners own time, along with a blended course that has online training sessions.


After successfully completion of the relevant courses, Retrofit Assessors (RFAs) and Coordinators (RFCs) are invited to join our Trustmark approved certification scheme.

DEA Membership Fee – Free of Charge

RFA Membership Fee - £360 for year one – Discounted to £295 if applicant trains with Stroma

RFC Membership Fee - £360 for year one

The reports and lodgements to the TrustMark Data Warehouse are handled by Stroma Certification and there are fees applicable for each lodgement activity. These are all detailed on the above websites. All fees are exclusive of VAT

You can also view our PAS overview deck by downloading it here which may be useful to assessors thinking of upskilling to PAS 2035.