TrustMark membership is available to members of many of Stroma Certification’s approved certification schemes. TrustMark membership is available for our DEA and Legionella Certification schemes.

What is TrustMark?

TrustMark operates the only Government endorsed scheme for domestic trades. They are a social enterprise that offers homeowners reassurance and protection from rogue traders.

Their scheme began in 2005 and now provides membership to an increasing number of energy assessors who have their business listed on TrustMark’s ‘Find a tradesperson’ online search facility.

Why add TrustMark to your certification?

We are an approved TrustMark Scheme Operator acting in accordance with TrustMark’s criteria and Government endorsed standards. TrustMark membership is available for our DEA and Legionella Certification schemes.

Stroma Certification is dedicated to competitive annual certification, lodgement and notification fees. We believe that TrustMark membership fits with this commitment to value at only £50+VAT.

By becoming a TrustMark member you can prove to a customer that your business delivers TrustMark’s ‘3 Cornerstones of Quality’:

Good Trading Practices

Good Customer Service

Technical Competence

All Stroma members who join TrustMark get a unique web page on the TrustMark website for your business, inclusion on TrustMark's search facility and the opportunity to win more business by demonstrating credibility to your customers.

TrustMark is committed to promoting its scheme and members and they have an active PR and marketing strategy which includes regular engagement on social media. You will also receive a number of other benefits by joining TrustMark:
  • Complimentary customer feedback cards
  • Access to the TrustMark app
  • Access to TrustMark's Dispute Resolution process
  • Complimentary vehicle stickers
  • Access to TrustMark's payment protection service
Stroma Certification's TrustMark Membership scheme documents are made available to the public, applicants and certified Organisations through a downloadable members pack that contains documents including the following:
  • TrustMark Application Form - To be completed for those Organisations requiring certification or alternatively the online application can be completed. Where TrustMark is required in conjunction with another certification scheme, there is no requirement to submit an additional application, just select TrustMark within the other scheme application form.
  • Scheme Handbook - Documents the membership scheme processes for granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, restoring, withdrawing, expanding or reducing the scope of membership.

  • Impartiality Policy - Documents Stroma Certification's commitment to ensuring impartiality in all aspects of our membership and business activities. Further information is also available on the Consumer Advice page.
  • Complaints & Appeals Policy - Documents how a complaint or appeal can be notified to Stroma Certification and how it will be dealt with. Further information is also available on the Consumer Advice page.
  • Support Policy - Documents the means by which Stroma Certification can be contacted concerning TrustMark Membership and other business related activities.
  • TrustMark Members Logo Guidelines - Documents the rules for using the TrustMark logo. Details concerning the use of the Stroma Certification logo can be found in the Scheme Handbook. If you are unclear on any aspect of the membership process please contact Stroma Certification by emailing or telephone 01977 665 420.

Become a TrustMark Member with Stroma

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