Software Release Notes

Various data entry and speed enhancements including;

  • We have added the occupancy assessment in the Retrofit Condition, Ventilation, Significance report to reduce data entry duplication.
  • As a result the Retrofit Condition, Ventilation and Significance Report has been improved.
  • The previous EPC question has been removed from the EPR as it isn’t relevant.
  • The view surveys screen has undergone improvements to allow users to access reports via left/right swipes.
  • Orientation correction for images taken in portrait mode and bug fix for showing edited photos
  • A new validation message for users when entering ‘No Access’ in the Roof/loft Roof section
  • Improved output of key Retrofit Assessment results data needed by the Coordinator for the Medium Term Plan
  • Additional Heating Controls validation
  • Improved compatibility of importing XML data (UTF 16 and UTF 8 formats now compatible)

Various bug fixes and UI improvements

Version V5.0.10 Build 277 - Android

  • Bug fixes for image upload
  • Improvements to pre-loaded images
  • Various bug fixes

Version V5.0.10 Build 277 - iOS

  • Formation now supports portrait mode across all screens on iPad and the login and dashboard for iPhone
  • Bugs fixes for the layout on a iPhone
  • Bug fixes for iPhone image upload
  • Updated to the latest version of XCode which improves stability and speed
  • Layout of the text labels has been improved, with no resizing of label
  • Various bug fixes

Product choice at survey start
There is a major change to the way RSAP+ handles the start of a New Survey. Users will be presented with a choice of surveys when starting a new survey. This choice will be controlled by the permissions and skill set of the registered member.
Currently this will allow all register DEA users to start and EPC or EPR, but will bring about the ability to do Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) and a suit of Retrofit Survey options, which will be made available in future releases.

Integration between RSAP+ and PlanUp software
This is another major change to RSAP+ which will allow PlanUp users to start their EPC survey in RSAP+ open PlanUp mid survey, draw a plan for both an agent and the EPC and import all the defined EPC data into RSAP+
This will save time, reduce duplication and improve accuracy when producing an EPC in RSAP+
PlanUp Fees will apply to any user that uses this integration. There is no additional fee from Stroma Certification.

SDP-1229 – FSAP 2012 recent update issues – 7614
7614 – ticket raised to combat issues with latest release, including:

  • Linking U values errors occurred – corrected by renewing the u value connections to assessments.  Assessors must remove links, prior to accessing the u value calculator if showing as error.  Bug fix to U value links
  • Same ticket - Building orientation - would not change openings when changing orientation of building – fixed Bug fix to Building Orientation

SDP-1196 – FSAP 2012 Scotland – 7595
7595 – ticket raised to include +2 confidence factor being added to the Air Pressure Test for Scotland due to discrepancy being other software still permitted the entry and local BCO’s not accepting assessment without the confidence factor. Average Air Pressure Test result having +2 confidence factor included for Scotland

SDP-987 – FSAP 2012 Bug – 7444
7444 – copy dwelling elements for cooling showing dwelling name as true/false. Fixed and tested Bug fix to copy dwelling elements - cooling dwelling name

SDP-1055 – Implement Ashby Energy Sketchup Solution into FSAP – 7500 7500 – Sketchup integration commencing with the spreadsheet format from which to import to FSAP (provided by Ashby Energy) – successful import function to FSAP demonstrated – encountered issues with excel with wider testing – resolved – but further testing to do. Test version implementation of Sketchup import function

SDP-164 – FSAP – 6884
6884 – Historic issue with Air Pressure Test input value disappearing when lodged, so must be re-entered when re-opening the file.  Originally raised by Simon, the ticket is closed, but the problem has persisted.  Although happens only with assumed value APT now but is very common with assessors. 

SDP-170 – Boiler glitch FSAP 2012 – 7081
7081– Historic issue raised in 2019, when selecting boiler (47-019-53) from PCDB would error.  Fixed and tested.

SDP-763 – FSAP – Uvalue error – 7301
7301 – U value linking issue raised June 2020 - when the U value editor closed it changed all the U value links. Latest ticket 7614 addresses a similar problem and covers this error.

SDP-779 – FSAP 2012 – When editing a copied dwelling the certificate date reverts to the original copied dwelling – 7306
7306 - When copying a dwelling and making changes such as the date, the orientation, the address…. the changed date then reverts to the date that was on the initial dwelling that has been copied.  No further reports and could not recreate when testing.

SDP-780 – FSAP 2012 – Dwelling results not populating until going into the water heating section – 7307 – no further occurrence of the issue reported in July 2020.  Fixed/tested.

SDP-1007 – Scotland FSAP 2012– compliance report – technical handbook 2017 changed to 2019 – 7365 – updated technical handbook date showing on reports. Fixed/tested – previously reported as tested.

– FSAP 2012 – SAP worksheets – Section 9a individual heating calculation route – box numbers missing – 233 to 238 / Section 9b community heating calculation route – box numbers missing – 333 to 338 - previously discussed – but need to look deeper at this to check the worksheet is showing all that retrofit requires.