RetroSuite: Retrofit Coordination Software Platform

Stroma Certification has teamed up with Trade Engine to offer a unique Retrofit Coordination software platform ensuring easy compliance with the PAS 2035 Standard.

Building on their long experience in compliance, Stroma Certification is collaborating with Trade Engine to deliver a bespoke software solution for the emerging Retrofit market. Trade Engine have now launched their PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordination software platform, RetroSuite. Allowing those involved in ECO and any other retrofit work to attain an easy route to compliance within the PAS 2035 standard.

TrustMark Approved Compliance

Backed with Trustmark approved certification from Stroma, Retrofit Coordinators and Assessors can submit work through the platform, so allowing not only direct submission to the Trustmark Data Warehouse, but allowing Stroma to see the required information for Trustmark audit requirements, so no extra steps are required by Coordinators or Assessors, one submission will ensure total compliance.

RetroSuite comes in 2 distinct versions:

  1. Retrofit Coordinators can use the platform to co-ordinate their own jobs, have full access to all workflows and full responsibility for their project’s compliance with PAS 2035
  2. Trade Engine will deliver a full Retrofit Coordination service using the platform, taking responsibility for PAS 2035 compliance

Both levels of access will be backed by Stroma Certification, fees will be inclusive of the appropriate requirements of the level of services.

Find out more

For more details, please contact Trade Engine on 01827 307 675, visit their website, or email at